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Selwyn Says: Real Talk-Real People

Small groups gather on ZOOM for honest conversations to be shared on the Selwyn podcast. See below for upcoming episodes.

Meet Selwyn’s Staff:

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Listen in as Selwyn’s new team of clergy & staff --Lori Raible, Lisa McLennan, Margo Richardson, Nancy Nutter and Ashlee Anderson -- share their stories of leadership and life.  

Belonging to God, A Conversation about Baptism: 

A three-part small group Zoom class will be offered to all SAPC households who will be baptizing their children or considering baptism for themselves in the coming weeks and months. If you have never presented a child for baptism before you are strongly encouraged to attend. 

• Part One -- September 17, 10am: Join Selwyn leadership as they discuss the theology of the Sacrament of Baptism in the Presbyterian Church.

• Part Two -- September 24:
Ashlee Anderson leads a discussion about baptism and what it has meant to intergenerational members of Selwyn Avenue. 

• Part Three -- October 1: Ashlee Anderson leads a discussion about baptism with parents and families moving toward baptism.  

• Part Four, Baptism in Action -- October 8: Rev. Lisa McLennan engages in a meaningful conversation with Selwyn’s Mission Partners at Montclaire Elementary School, Greater Enrichment Partners, and others. 

Sticking Together: 

A three part of small group class will gather on ZOOM for all married couples. The class will gather together for group learning and then break out into rooms according to demographics such as years married and/or gender.  Thursdays from 7:30-9pm.  

To Have and To Hold -- October 15: Lori Raible hosts guests marriage therapists and pastors for an honest discussion on faith and relationships. 

• The Men Talk -- October 23: An honest (and hopeful) discussion of marriage, conflict, and commitment. 

• The Women Talk -- October 30: An honest (and hopeful) discussion of marriage, conflict and commitment.  

Touchy Topics: Are we really United in Christ?  

Friendships Transcending Ideological Differences -- Nov. 5th: Tune into an honest conversation amongst Selwyn members about maintaining and building friendships that transcend lines of difference.

Thanksgiving, One Table & A Divided Family -- Nov. 12th: Tune in for faithful thoughts and strategies for reclaiming unity. 

A Grief That Lasts -- Nov. 19th: Many seem to be navigating life through a fog of sustained grief. Isolation, loss, fear, and divisiveness continue to threaten our sense of hope and joy. 

Matthew Gospel

Tune in each week for a lectionary bible study on the Gospel of Matthew with a group of faithful Selwyn learners and Rev. Lori Raible. Wednesdays, 10am