As the uncertainty of our post-COVID world wanes, we find ourselves returning to life as we knew it before March of 2020. Familiar places, faces, activities, and traditions nourish our spirit and fill us with Joy. This year, our 2023 Stewardship campaign is drawing inspiration from Philippians 4:4, which says, “Rejoice in the Lord, Always! Again I say, Rejoice!”

Every time we step within the walls of Selwyn it should be obvious just how blessed we are. God has given us an incredible gift; pews full of friends and family and a community centered on Christ. Our music and worship are full of depth and inspiration. Together we have a dynamic education program for all ages, meaningful fellowship, a five-star Child Development Center, and a strong, caring community. We are thankful to be members of this congregation!

And as we all know, the blessings of Selwyn reach far beyond our sanctuary. From mission trips to Rise Against Hunger, Room in the Inn, Habitat for Humanity, Crisis Assistance, and Roof Above, God’s abundance has allowed us, as church members, to share with people in need. Furthermore, Selwyn’s deep partnership with Montclaire Elementary School and Greater Enrichment Programs transform the lives of children and their families beyond our walls.

Our community of faith affords us the opportunity to Worship, Serve, Gather, and Give with Joy. When you consider filling out the enclosed Estimate of Giving for 2024, we hope you will turn to Philippians 4:4 in the spirit of faithfulness and generosity with Joy. Sharing God’s blessings regularly, proportionally — and sacrificially — should be the goal of each Selwyn member.

Our planning and strategic focus in 2023 established a strong foundation to spring into 2024 unburdened by debt, guided by the visioning of our Thriving Congregations Team, and well positioned to continue our momentum and growth.

This year we are hoping to inspire every Selwyn member to share his or her blessings in support of the 2024 annual budget and several other special offering opportunities. While 100% of our $915,000 annual budget supports the robust ministries and mission of Selwyn, our goal is not financial. Instead, we are hoping for 100 percent participation among 260 Selwyn households. Every pledge matters.

Please join us in placing your Estimate of Annual Giving in the basket at worship on Dedication Sunday, October 22nd, which will also be Jazz Sunday. Or you may drop your pledge off at the Church office, email it to , or make your pledge online.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

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