sunday school

Join us as we reimagine Christian Education at Selwyn!  Now through August 21, Selwyn will be engaging in a study using the TV show "The Chosen."  The intergenerational class will gather in the parlor on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am to watch a short film clip of the show "The Chosen" before entering into a discussion.  Join us as we explore the life of Christ, his early ministry, and discipleship – then and now.

Covenant Class TBD Fall 2022
Life Class TBD Fall 2022
Grace Class
TBD Fall 2022

small groups

  • Men’s Group: Fridays, 7am, Zoom Link
  • Book Club 
  • Young Adults: BYOB & B (Bible & Beverages)

Presbyterian women & circles

If you would like to learn more about one of our circles, please contact the church office or check church publications for more information.

• Circle #1: Women of Wonder
Meets First Monday of the month, 12:30pm 

• Circle #2: Peace Seekers
Meets Second Tuesday of the month, 7:15pm 

Peace Seekers is made up of women roughly 28-40 years old. This circle will focus on prayer, service and fellowship. We seek to build an inclusive, and caring, community of women. Each month a woman in the circle will lead a service project, host a speaker that can engage our group with relevant topics for stage of life, or volunteer with the mission work of the Church. Visitors and new members are welcome.

• Circle #3: Our Spiritual Journey
Meets First Tuesday of the month, 10:30am 

• Circle #4: Evening Grace
Meets First Tuesday of the month, 7pm

• Circle #5: Daughters of Faith
Meets Wednesdays at 11am

We are women in the midst of a busy time of life, including raising children and working to balance family life with work, church and other responsibilities. Daughters of Faith is a time to remember we are all children of God. Our aim is to support each other in our Christian journey and we gather together for study, conversation and fellowship.