Youth @ Selwyn

The youth of Selwyn believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Scripture and Prayer. 

We love God and one another.  We seek to bring the love, light and grace of God to all who wish to receive and participate in the wonder of the teachings, salvation and peace found in Jesus Christ. 

We prayerfully and thoughtfully move forward to address and respond to a greater level of diversity and higher social awareness. 

We welcome with open arms all of God's children in search of love, community, purpose, acceptance, friendship, healing and spiritual growth.   

Fall/Winter Programming

Confirmation Classes
Sundays, 9:20-10:20am
Note: All dates are subject to change. Rain cancels event.
Nov 22: Youth Leadership Team Lunch 12-1pm 
Nov 29: Advent Workshop 12-2pm

Questions or Access to Zoom?