What Difference Does Easter Make?

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What difference does Easter make?

The late William Barclay once observed that one of the most tragic things that can happen to a person is the loss of wonder.

When we are young, we live in a thrilling, wonder-full world. But as we grow older we sometimes find ourselves living in a world which has grown gray and commonplace.  “But the change,” said Dr. Barclay, “is not in the world. It is in us.”

Easter reverses this entropy and opens up everlasting life.

  1. God seeks us and holds us, now, and in the life to come. This means that
  2. Even death is no final separation from God or from the communion of saints.
  3. Your life has a high and holy purpose. The post-resurrection narratives in the Gospels are about catching fish and feeding lambs, metaphors for the outgoing and nurturing missions of the Church.  And so,
  4. You have a welcome and a place and a fellowship wherever you go.  In a mobile and secular culture, this is quite a gift!
  5. Easter makes a difference in our vision and imagination. Our values and our hopes are transformed because of Jesus’ resurrection. Dullness, boredom, gossip, negativity, despair, meanness, and violence are not virtues. Jesus noticed all sorts of people by the side of the road, and he called them and calls us to follow. The power of God is released afresh into the world because the grieving women noticed the stone had been rolled away. Their imaginations and their faith could never again be stagnant.

The difference Easter makes is the literal difference between dying and rising—not only in the distant future but tomorrow morning as well.  Jesus is going before us (Matthew 28:10; I Corinthians 15:49).


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