We can...

Posted by Lori Raible on

Dear Friends of Selwyn Avenue Presbyterian Church,

We can refuse to look away.

We can ask ourselves the hard questions.

We can address our privilege and fragility.

We can stop explaining and justifying.  

We can re-educate ourselves.

We can listen.

We can listen.

We can listen.

We can repent.

We can lament.

We can love our neighbors.

We can fund, engage, and act.

We can support minority owned businesses.  

We can make mistakes along the way.

We can hold ourselves accountable.

We can speak out.

We can change.

By the Unity and Power of the Holy Spirit, we can.  

 In the Hope and Promises,


For those of you who have asked how we, Selwyn Avenue Presbyterian Church, should and could exhibit God’s Reign in this broken-hearted world, we will share resources and invitations to engage the work of racial justice this coming week. 


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