Rekindling the Gift of God

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Dear Selwyn Friends,

For the Israelites, a sanctuary (mikdash) was set apart as a holy place of beauty for refuge and rest. Familiar mountain tops, caves, and sacred riverbeds hosted many an altar. Having crossed the Red Sea, there was no turning back for the Israelites!

Facing a long journey into the wilderness, they would no longer have access to their familiar sacred spaces. By God’s command, Moses continued to adapt and adjust along the way. A tabernacle or temporary, portable tent (mishkan) was created to house the ark of the Covenant as they traveled through the wilderness. For the Lord to dwell in their midst could also be translated in their hearts.

“Let them make for me a sanctuary that I may dwell in their midst”
– Exodus 25:8.

Our beloved sanctuary informs who we are and what is important, but our togetherness is what makes it sacred and holy. For all that has been turned on its head, for all that has been lost and grieved, for all that is unknown and unstable in this world, the last seven months have created space for us to consider what it means to be a people of faith.

Why is it important for us to center our lives by worship and prayer in community?

Who are we called to be as Christians in the world, right now?

What are our household priorities and how do we order our lives accordingly?

Last week, Rob and I (along with you) received an invitation from our stewardship team to prayerfully consider some of these important questions in order that we might sustain and support the mission and vision of Selwyn Avenue financially.

In many ways, we are traveling through wilderness. But rest assured, we travel with good hope! The Lord dwells among us; in our sanctuary, on our porches, in our hearts.

This is a year we walk together in faith celebrating God’s unexpected abundance, like manna from above. Soon enough, we will celebrate the incarnation, God with us, Emmanuel.

We do not walk alone. God’s promise of steadfast love and grace in Jesus Christ has sustained the Church from generation to generation.

Join us in making your gift or pledge of support today:

You can make your annual pledge by completing the 2021 Stewardship Commitment Card and returning it to the church office or by emailing the church accountant, or make your reoccurring or one-time gift online below.

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