God Walking With Us

Posted by Ashlee Anderson on

Back in October, Selwyn celebrated its first baptism in the Sanctuary since before the pandemic. As the song "I was there to hear your morning cry" was being practiced I caught a lump in my throat. It always gets me and reminds me of when my son was baptized.

It was such an incredible joy to witness the baptism of two children this past weekend and to once again be reminded of the promise God holds on each of us as beloved.

After two beautiful worship services, I began to think about all the memories the church and its people held for me starting when I was a little girl in elementary school. The people who did and still do nurture me. And now not only me but my family and two sons. The ones who stood by my side as I was married, baptized, and as my son was baptized. The ones who walked with me through youth group, lock-ins, mission trips, marriage, seminary school, the birth of both
my children, women’s circles, shared meals, and the many hills and valleys of life.

The last few months have been a stray from this, to say the least. We are all experiencing some form of detachment from our physical church home. I found myself wrestling with the question, how is God calling us to belong in this season? How are we to belong to one another, to our church, our community, and our family?

We take vows as parents and a congregation when one of God's beloved is baptized. We promise to encourage, nurture, pray, and be a witness to not just the child, or the adult, but also the parents and family. This time has been bewildering. I have had to lean harder into the baptismal promises I made and rely on the ones made to my family and me. There is a village of people seeing me through this season and I am honored to be a part of a village for others. I am doing my best to be intentional with those vows but can easily lose sight once my day begins.

But all it takes is a sip of water, washing my hands, or bath time with the kids to remind me that God is walking with each of us. Grace and light.


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