As we celebrate our 80th year, Selwyn Avenue has a rich history of doing God’s work for God’s people in authentic and transformative ways.  Earlier this summer the Session met for a time of reflection about life since the pandemic and to exchange ideas of how best to reengage with each other and our congregation after being apart for such a long time.   We all had a sense something was lost these last months.  We missed that sense of belonging, which comes from personal interactions with one other and from being part of a loving and nurturing community.

As a Session we recommitted ourselves both personally and collectively to a life of worship and togetherness at Selwyn. During this season of stewardship and re-engagement, we invite you to look inward too; toward your own sense of “Beloving and Belonging”. 

Simply put, belonging to Selwyn means both personal involvement in the work and life of the Selwyn community and financial engagement to support the critical elements of our ministry. Most importantly, to belong to Selwyn means you are beloved. You matter. Your presence, prayers, hopes, and hardships matter to God and to our community.

Considering all of this, we took inspiration from Jeremiah 33:33,

"I will write on their hearts; and I will be their God, 
and they shall be my people."

As a congregation, a strong stewardship season gives us the power to change lives for the better. The love we feel in our hearts and together as a group is directed internally, to those going through difficult times, and externally, to those profoundly affected by the current situation.

SAPC is 100% funded by current pledges and donations. In order to keep our programming and mission work at current levels, we need to both increase our giving base and our level of donation.

You can make your annual pledge by completing the 2022 Stewardship Commitment Card and returning it to the church office or by emailing the church accountant, or make your reoccurring or one-time gift online below.

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