"The more that our core is passionate and active, the more the members of our broader congregation will be interested in strengthening their commitment. The more interest that is generated in the congregation, the more the broader community becomes interested. Thus, evangelism and church growth become the result of a committed community, not the goal of the community."

– A Guiding Statement about the Journey Ahead,
adopted by the session of SAPC in October 2014.

SAPC Construction Plans

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  • SAPC-Rendering


Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going

• Two sub-committees worked diligently for 9 months before presenting recommendations regarding personnel and facility needs to the Session.

• In December of 2015 the Session proposed a Capital Campaign to address the needs of our community in a way that is congruent with both our long held identity and our vision for the future.

• Led by many passionate members, the 75th Anniversary Fund Campaign launched in the fall of 2016. Current estimates total $1,850,000.

• Selwyn has already received $993,298 in gifts that are being distributed among areas of need as affirmed by our congregation.